The Kettlebell Goblet Squat

This is another hugely popular and highly effective kettlebell workout that strengthens your hamstrings along with the quads, glutes, core and also your arms!

Begin by gripping a kettlebell with both hands and holding it near your chest. Thrust your hips backward while pushing the chest outward. Squat till your elbows touch the sides of your knees. Push through the heels and squeeze your butt to return to the initial position.

The Kettlebell Swing

The swing is one of the fundamental movements of kettlebell training as it is at the core of the fluid movement that kettlebell workouts are all about. The movement targets your hamstrings, back, glutes and the core. Mastering the swing should be your priority while doing your kettlebell courses.

To do the swing, place the kettlebell on the floor at one foot distance from you.  Place feet hip width apart and maintain a straight back with the chest thrust outward. Do the hip hinge and grab the kettlebll with both hands. Pull it backward through your legs and in one rapid motion, thrust the hips outward in front so as to swing the kettlebell upward till your chest height. Swing it down and backward again between the legs and repeat.

If you would like more information on kettlebell certifications and Australia CEC courses, check out their website for more info!

Working as a personal trainer

Being a personal trainer is now a career path that many are looking forward to trying. It is flexible and depending on how you do it; it will enable you to travel the world given that in most cases, you have to work with the client directly. Earlier on training and excising was part of the lifestyle people led. They were needed to be fit because there were wars to be fought on every now and then. This way, being fit was more of a requirement for security purposes than it was a need. It was entrenched in the culture of those who lived then and as such, being a requirement of survival; people found it easier to train and excise to the extent of them even compelling themselves.

Today, however, we have machines and new technology to help us go to war and win it when we need to, besides that, we have more laws and besides that, societies are more civilized. At times, instead of people going to war, they find ways to solve the problems and accommodate themselves. This way, outdoor group fitness Bondi has been left to sporting personalities and to those who want to keep fit for aesthetic purposes. As a matter of fact, people nowadays seem to be gaining a lot of weight when compared to sometime back when exercising was required for survival. At the turn of the 20th century, exercising for fitness became a phenomenon that was seen as one to be done on a need by basis. As such, training people now became a career for some.

outdoor group fitness bondi

When spas came up and gymnasiums were introduced, they were flocked by those with health problems that related to being overweight. The people who run those establishments took a more professional approach to fitness such that they became experts of the various types of exercises that could be done and brought about changes, in particular, parts of the body. The routines were targeted and were meant to achieve certain objectives. This lead to the introduction equipment that could aid the people in attaining fitness along with other to that helped them through the procedures. Soon, nutrition got in and when they were combined, it brought with it a new dawn in fitness and better health form for many.

Running Sydney fitness boot camps means that somehow you have to go out there yourself in order for people to notice, you are and take an interest in what you have to offer. There are a few approaches you can use to do this. For starters, you can do it personally; you walk the neighborhood in search of a group of people looking for personal trainers. This is a tedious process but if done well it will yield results. The approach has a personal appeal and as such; your customers will develop on a sense of loyalty to you and how you do your job. The other approach is done with help of media.

You can use the Internet, or you can use videos in cassettes and compact discs. This approach is slightly expensive and will require that you invest a lot in it. You will need video equipment and staff to help you put together the videos. The videos will have to be prepared in such a way that the clients are able to follow the routines on their own. This means that a lot of practicing has to go into the making of the video along with the fact that it has to be choreographed for your target audience. This is a career that will take some time before it picks up and finally runs as fully fledge career that can pay your bills. Even so, if you have the capacity to grow steadily, you are certain to have a flourishing career given that a good number of people need personal trainers.

Pyrmont personal trainers can also act as coaches, if you can run a training program for people who want to lose weight, then you can certainly be a coach. What you need to do is to study the sport you are the Intended on coaching in order to fine-tune your skills and use it to launch yourself and advance your career.

Experience Signifies a Better bootcamp Trainer

bootcamp coogeeWhen you join a boot camp you must have ha fitness on your mind. Bootcamp Coogee is modelled on the American Army new recruit training program where the focus is on military training which whips you back into shape. However your training sessions are only going to be as good as the quality of the trainer who presides over the sessions. You should always look forward to training with a more experienced fitness trainer.

Relevant qualifications 

The more experienced a trainer is the more qualified he is likely to be. Generally personal trainers who are practicing in fitness boot camp in Coogee are supposed to hold a minimum of certificate 4 in fitness from fitness Australia or fitness Kinnect.  This personal training certification course will cover basics in exercise methodology, nutrition science, diet, fitness psychology, metabolism and so many more topics.

Apart from this general qualifications trainers are supposed to attend a minimum of two CEC courses per year to keep up their training license. These short continuing education courses help to enhance the knowledge level of the trainers and keep them updated. Therefore a trainer who has been in the industry for a long time is more likely to have a lot of knowledge on fitness science.

More training exposure

A trainer who has practiced for a long time is more likely to be well versed with the specialised exercise techniques needed to focus on your unique physical needs and specific situation. Dan Clay – a Sydney personal trainer say’s if you are on the wrong side of 50 and wish to start to experience the benefits of rigorous experience then you are better off hiring a trainer in the Coogee fitness boot camp who has specialised in coaching older adults. Similarly if you have a history of chronic back pain or have undergone surgery in the recent past you will be safer in a boot camp in Coogee which has trainers qualified to deal with these situations.

At the end of it experience matters as a trainer who has dealt with unique situations in the past will be better equipped to deal with clients who have the same kind of specialised needs.

Professional associations/ memberships

Trainers who have been working in fitness bootcamps in Coogee for a long time are more likely to be a part of various professional bodies. Top international fitness associations regularly train their members about the different exercise technologies, nutrition theories and upcoming fitness trends. A trainer who is a part of such a professional body will be more aware of the latest scenario in health and fitness.

Coogee fitness boot camp earns their reputation through the presence of dedicated and experienced trainers who have amassed huge wells of knowledge. There are some trainers who grow so popular that ex participants often recommend them to their friends and family members who wish to pursue fitness. If you ever think of getting involved in the pursuit of fitness make sure that you seek the guidance of an experienced trainer.

Common Fears People have Before Joining a Bootcamp

Bootcamps in Maroubra are modeled on the American Army new recruit training program. The training programs are devised in a way that will whip the participants back into fitness. The toughness of bootcamps is common knowledge and this is why most people are a little scared of joining them. If fear is stopping you from joining a bootcamp, you need to get rid of them.

Too stressed to join a bootcamp

Fitness boot camp Maroubra has a disciplined structure and the instructors will expect participants to abide by the rules. However there is no reason why you should feel that joining a bootcamp will make you more harried and stressed out.

Even if the exercise routine seems tough and intimidating at first if you can stick through it, you will have pushed stress out of your life forever. Structured scientifically designed workouts are the USP of bootcamps and there is a lot you can do to beat stress if you join bootcamps.

I have no time for bootcamps

You have a hectic work-life routine and a demanding personal life. Its only natural that you wouldn’t want a Maroubra Beach group fitness training program to eat away your precious ME time. Many people shy away from joining bootcamps because they wear devoting too much time.

However once you get in touch with a bootcamp in Maroubra you will understand how accommodating and flexible they are. These bootcamps are designed in a way that they can cater to people across all occupations and lifestyles. If you discuss your schedule with the instructor he will be more than happy to give you a customized workout plan and a suitable time slot.

army boot camp training

Bootcamps are simply too tough

Bootcamps in Maroubra are tough. That’s what makes them tick. A bootcamp stint will whip you back in shape even if you are a seasoned couch potato. The first few weeks may feel like torture but you have to believe that this is going to do a world of good. You will emerge leaner, fitter and confident.

Moreover once you get the hang of exercises, the bootcamps will lose their toughness quotient and you will grow comfortable with the routine. Check out some of the workouts here

Bootcamps will aggravate my medical problems

This is a common fear in people who had surgeries, cardio vascular disease history or lower limb problems. It’s natural to feel that a few weeks in Maroubra Bootcamps may actually harm you. However given the statistics, it’s unlikely that this will ever happen. Fitness instructors at these bootcamps are trained to handle participants with different medical problems and they know how to design safe and effective workouts.

In fact people who attend bootcamps successfully lead healthier and medical problem free lives.

Bootcamps will make me follow a Spartan diet

This one is not true! What the nutritionist on board at Maroubra Bootcamp will do it to present you with healthier eating options. You will be told to eat more of complex carbs, healthy fats and lean protein. You can still have the occasional piece of chocolate cake as you are going to burn it off in no time.